Monday, October 5, 2009

You Know You're Obsessed with Clones when...

Okay... so I found this and thought it was fabulous... and though I'm not nearly this "Mando" ... I love it! And yes... I sing (mostly hum) 'Vode An' in public... *chagrined smiley*

You know you're obsessed with clones when...

You love the Dark Nest novels, but the first thing you turned to when you got The Swarm War was the Triple Zero excerpt.

You've memorized the numbers and nicknames for more than 10 clones.

You've ever recorded yourself singing anything in Mando'a, or you've caught yourself singing Vode An in a public place.

You're watching AotC, and you get a major urge to vibroblade any Geonosian you see onscreen, while muttering curses about "dirty worthless bugs".

You go to type "command" and find yourself trying to put an 'o' at the end of the word.

Your copies of Hard Contact, Triple Zero, True Colors, and Order 66 are permanently within easy reach of your computer - for reference purposes.

You've made up your own squad of Republic Commandos, complete with numbers, nicknames, personalities, and armor coloring.

You see it as your personal duty to exterminate the general population's belief that the clones aren't human, aren't sentient, have no free choice, or that the lives of individuals are meaningless because "more can be made".

You listen to the Republic Commando game soundtrack as much as you listen to your favorite bands.

You find yourself quoting the commandos in everyday conversation and/or life.

You've ever gone through one of the movie scenes with clones in it frame-by-frame.

You routinely talk to your squad out loud while playing Republic Commando. For example: "Sev, go snipe", "Stop lagging behind, Scorch", "I don't care if it's against procedure, Fixer, get your butt over here and revive me... thanks", "Die, you metal-head piece of trash!" (oh wait, that's Sev... :D), etc. Y

You misread common English words as similar Mando'a words. For example: vod'ika instead of 'vodka'.

(Taken from Brothers All: Republic Commando Fansite)

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