Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tale of the Bald Frog

Okay so I was updating my profile and there's this random question thing at the end... I asked for a new question and this is what I got...

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

So I did... but it said my story was too long... I cried from the pain of the rejection... then I recovered and thought since I worked such long hard hours on it I couldn't let it go to waste... hehe... so here it is, from the award winning author that brought you Brian Lost His Lunch Money, I give you the Tale of the Bald Frog. No need for a standing ovation... sit back down... you're too kind, really...

The Tale of the Bald Frog
by Gwendolyn McTaggart

Long ago in the land of the lily pads there lived a bald frog.

You see, children, back then all frogs had hair, regardless of gender or age. This poor frog, however, had none. He was a very very sad frog.
His name was Gerald.

Poor Gerald was teased mercilessly by the other frogs until he was so distraught he left the lily pad kingdom and journeyed far into the lands of the Oaks and Maples and Firs.

There among those great trees he found a poor little fly with no wings. Though Gerald was very hungry from his journeying he felt a strange sympathy for the flightless fly. For a fly without wings was much like a frog without hair. Gerald was sure this poor fly had endured much hardship in it's sorry little life and he could not bring himself to eat the fly.

"Poor fly. I'm so sorry for your plight. You must have a terrible time getting around, is there anywhere I can take you?"

Just then there was a great beam of silvery light and the fly disappeared. In its place was a beautiful faerie.

"Little hairless one," Her voice was soft, musical like a flute. "Because your heart is kind and your motives pure as the ice on the alps I shall grant you your heart's desire."

The faerie was a magical being and knew instinctively what the frog wanted most. The lovely faerie fashioned him a fabulous wig of darkest ebony and set it atop his head.

The frog's eyes widened in astonishment and he opened his mouth to thank the kind faerie but the moment so overwhelmed him that he promptly fainted.

The End.

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