Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Cake Wreck Are You?

I used to be addicted to stupid quizzes in highschool... but when I was checking out Cake Wrecks today and saw the link to this quiz... I just couldn't help myself... I had to take it... so I did... and guess what?!

I'm the carrot jockeys cake! I have these little guys on a t-shirt... hehe...

I... wait, what? Babies with... what? You're just plain weird sometimes.

( )

You have so gotta go take the quiz now... it's too fun!

Okay... so the quizzy linky thingy isn't really working... so just scroll down and hit submit and then take the quiz... 'k?


  1. I think the babies riding a carrot are hilarious! We just found out we have a baby due at the end of January ourselves! Please, don't bake that cake. LOL.


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