Friday, April 3, 2009

Tales of Woe: The Dishwasher

I've always had this inexplicable desire to blog... even though I obviously struggle with even the basics of grammar... hence... the strange dotty punctuation... or maybe I just talk in that spacey, dotty, never finish my sentence way... this will remain a great mystery... to me... if you figure it out, let me know, 'k?

So yeah... I've always wanted to blog... but never did... because, hey, I'm a busy gal and I don't have time to bore people with the minutiae of my life... ha! This excuse held up for quite awhile... until I realized just how much time I was spending reading other people's blogs... hmmm... and then when my dishwasher broke... I just knew... really knew... that I had to blog about it. Because... dishwashers breaking... this is the stuff life (and great blogs) are made of, right?


the Tale of Woe begins...

This is my dishwasher

And that orange thing on the floor... that would be a nerf dart... we um... shoot them at each other... so they are scattered randomly all over the house... anyway... back to the dishwasher...

On Monday afternoon I loaded *cough* erm... stuffed... my dishwasher efficiently as usual, closed the door, pushed the buttons... and walked away content in the knowledge that it would work it's magic and 96 minutes later I would come back to a miraculously clean bunch of dishes... as usual...

I came back, roughly 96 minutes later, and my dishwasher had not done it's job. It was instead flashing CL. Yup. It's cycle had been interrupted and it was annoyed. No matter, I'll just push cancel and all will be well...

All was not well. It continued to flash CL (I tried to get a picture of this... but my camera is slower that molasses) despite numerous attempts to cancel and restart the cycle. I briefly considered firing the dishwasher, but decided that would be a bit hasty and besides, Dad would be home soon... he can fix anything... seriously...

I returned home later that evening to prepare dinner. For those of you reading this who may be thinking I'm a pathetic pansy for freaking out about my dishwasher, let me assure you... I am, in fact, a pathetic pansy... but... I'm a pathetic pansy who prepares meals for and cleans up after upwards of 6 people. (Yes it does vary... we call it the Grand Central Station Phenomenon) This particular Monday I was preparing yummies for 12 people... that's a lot of dishes... on top of the everyday dishes we generate... plus I had cleaned out the milk cooler and we had yucky milk containers laying all over... (we have a cow) So yeah... though I'm a pansy... I think I had a right to be hysterical about the state of my dishwasher.

Meanwhile, various people had been trying to fix the stupid thing all day. Angie said something about Dad fixing it last time by flipping the breaker in the basement to reset it... well... we flipped the breaker... it didn't work. Thanks anyway, Angie!

So Dad comes home... at 9... pm... it took a whole lot longer to haul hay than expected... and he brought one more person home for dinner... which is cool... what's one more person beholding the mess of my kitchen... hey... while I'm at it... let's just show the whole world! *slightly hysterical laughter*

This is my messy kitchen... please note
that this does not include the dishes in
the dishwasher...

So after they get all the hay unloaded and in the barn and all... I asked pretty please for Dad to look at my dishwasher. By this time I had found the file, confirmed it was no longer under warranty and read the manual ten times. Oh and I flipped the breaker a gazillion more times for good measure... is that bad? Dad looks at the dishwasher... pronounces it broken... and says he's going to bed.

Tuesday morning dawns. The dish pile is touching the ceiling. I cross my fingers and push buttons. Nope. Still broke. I start doing dishes and Dad pulls the front of the dishwasher off. Kenneth notices what looks like a troubleshooting guide buried in the door innards... I flip out. If only there had been a troubleshooting guide in the manual I wouldn't be in this predicament! All my pent up hostility, frustration, and feelings of helplessness vented toward the poor guy that stuffed the life saving guide inside the door...

It wasn't a troubleshooting guide.

Dad determines... with the help of a gadget... that one of the switches in the control board thingie isn't working. So he sets off to the parts store. Mom, Micah, Brishaun and I set off for ballet, Kenneth sets off for work, and Travis sets off for ... the garage? To build a mushroom? I do not make these things up. I'm not that imaginative.

After ballet, on the way to um... *whispers* McDonalds Hey! Don't look at me like that! I was stressed! I deserved it! My DISHWASHER WAS BROKEN! Anyway... on the way to um... that place... we get a call from Dad...

Dad had gone to the parts store... apparently you can't just buy the switch... which should be about 5 dollars... you have to buy the whole stinkin' thing which is like 75 dollars. Which is really really not cool. So anyway. They didn't have this part. So they ordered it for him. Yup... it was going to be quite some time before I would be able to use my dishwasher again.

So Dad gets home... and as he was taking apart the thingie... I don't know why he was taking it apart... maybe to see if he could MacGuyver it somehow... but anyway... guess what he found?

Go ahead. Guess. If you get it right I'll give you a cookie.

Give up?

An ant. He found an ant.

He found an ant sandwiched between two contacts... apparently this ant had a death wish and decided to take out my dishwasher along with it. The good news is... the ant's evil dishwasher assissination plan did not suceed. After his carcass was removed and the dishwasher put back together, the contacts we able to make contact and my dishwasher began working it's magic once more. Oh and we canceled the part order.

The bad news is... well... there isn't really any bad news. The ant died. But I'm not too tore up about it. I hate ants. *shivers* Although there would have been bad news if we'd called the repair man... that would have been like a 200 dollar ant... yup... that ant had high aspirations, I'm tellin' you.

At any rate... here is my dishwasher... happily, contentedly, and um... merrily doing it's job...

My happy, well adjusted dishwasher
It's my new best friend.

Peace and Chicken Grease,

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  1. I'm just sayin.. the last time our d/w had CL flashing it cost me $90 to hear the repair guy say, the price to repair this is more than the whole new dishwasher. gulp. And thus we kissed the dw goodbye as we were moving in a few months anyway.

    Our 1840s Greek Revival home doesn't have space for a dishwasher, but I found myself silently salivating at the sight of yours, because we do feed upwards of 8 people each night too. It was fun to come across your blog. We have a lot in common, but my milk buckets and pitchers are filled with goat milk.