Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bat Mitzva

I hurt. Everywhere. I hope Travis and Kenneth and that one chick whose name I've forgotten hurt too.

We attended a Bat Mitzvah for the girl I pretty much chauffeur. Her mom teaches ballet (she's my little sister's instructor) and teaches classes everyday until 8 or so, so I pick Leah up from school and either take her to our house to hang out with the chickens or to the humane society on Wednesdays to hang out with the doggies and kitties and bunnies. So anyway. This Bat Mitzvah. I was sort of the party coordinator. I helped with the preparations, made some of the decorations, showed up early and set stuff up and stayed after to clean up.

The morning ceremony went great. I had no idea what was going on because most of it was in Hebrew... so I just kinda hummed along and watched what every one else was doing. The luncheon afterward was pretty good. It got really fun at the end when Brishaun brought out the leftover helium tank.... hehe... We had a mass funeral this morning for the brain cells killed yesterday.

That evening also went swimmingly. (Swimmingly... haha... I made a funny) The whole thing was scuba themed... because Leah is all into scuba diving. So... they had the big shindig at the Executive Inn, where they have an indoor pool. Scuba instructors came and did a demonstration and all the kids (if they wanted to) got to try breathing and swimming underwater. They strapped weights on 'em to make 'em sink and the did the whole buddy breathing thing.

The kids liked it. I sat on a chair and watched. I don't like bathing suits.

After about an hour I rounded up the kids, they dried off and changed clothes and we went to the "atrium" to eat. I don't know why it was called the "atrium"... I thought an atrium was supposed to have a bunch of skylights or something... but I'm probably confused. Anyway. We didn't eat. Because, who can eat when there are inflatables in the room with you?!? There was a jousting pit and two really big gladiatoresque obstacle courses. Yeah. And quess what my job was? Hang out with the kids!!?? *happy dance*

Hehe. It was fun. But I hurt. Because. Well. We had this bright idea to do one of those gladiatorish contests and all start the obstacle at once and just kinda throw each other around in an attempt to finish first. Well. I was nearly at the top of the stupid mountain thing when Travis jumped up, grabbed my ankles and slammed me WWF style down on the bottom of the thing. He asked if I was okay... after he made it to the top himself...

Yeah... I wasn't so good at the obstacle course... the jousting on the other hand...

The jousting I could do. I was the undefeated champion of the girls. Yup... and I'm old. They were all like 13 and hyper. I was proud.

Pride comes before a fall... or something like that. I fell. It hurt. In my defense, I was really really tired. It was shortly after Travis' wrestling meanness and the chick I was battling lost her helmet at the start so I was afraid to hit her head. So yeah. I lost. And whacked my knee on the way down. Ouch.

I hurt. I can only hope my dearest and nearest share my pain.

I don't have pictures (alas). I was having too much fun to run out to my car in the nearby parking garage and grab my camera.

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